Idea Behind Dastkaarii

India is admired by the world for its art and rich cultural heritage. Among its 29 culturally diverse states, each state has its own unique art and craft. 

The vision behind Dastkaarii is to bring the handicrafts from all these states within your reach and make them easily accessible for you. 

For its first handicraft exploration, Dastkaarii went to a state that is considered to be the largest producer of handicraft items in India, Rajasthan. Which is co-incidentally also the largest state in India. So it will take around a couple of months to explore its cultural heritage fully before we move on to another state.

Believe me friends this is just the start of a long colorful journey that we started. Together we'll explore all the beautiful and creative aspects of our country in the due course of time.

- Team Dastkaarii

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