Life is so unpredictable ! You never know what destiny has planned for you. You work towards something and end up getting something entirely different. Being a software engineer and working in various IT companies for the almost eight long years, there was no major achievement in life, still it was moving swiftly. However, somehow I felt discontent with myself as I was not doing anything substantial to satiate my creative urge. It felt as if an essential piece of life's jigsaw puzzle was missing. 

I knew the problem. I had an inclination towards handicrafts, art and traveling, since childhood; and my job wasn't allowing me to enjoy any of these. Then one day amidst a casual discussion with a very dear friend sprouted a brilliant idea. The idea of traveling to various art and culture rich states across India, explore the handicrafts, meet the artisans and exhibit their art to the world and also earn some money from it if people like my taste for arts. That was the day when "Dastkaarii" was conceived and I knew I had to do it !

-- Richa
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